The Power of Privacy

Recently, I made the mistake of oversharing. We’ve all been there. You’re talking with a friend, they give their unsolicited advice – with great intentions of course, and suddenly you find yourself overthinking, second-guessing, and overall stressed. Friend, if you’re reading this, yes you inspired this post, and I thank you, lol!

The truth of the matter is, people do not know you. They only know the extent of what you show and tell them. You can give a person every single solitary detail of your life, and they still will not know you. Let me rephrase that… they will not know your heart, your inner child – mankind simply does not have that power.

So when you share things with people who don’t know your heart or your true and original self, and they give you advice, they are ultimately advising you on things they know nothing about. I give my friends advice all the time and they never take it! You know why? Because I’m telling them to do things and it doesn’t make perfect sense, because I don’t have the full story, and I never will. Taking advice from a trusted friend can put you in a very dangerous position. Notice I didn’t say trusted source. God is our source. Sometimes God will outsource and give you the resources that you need. Your friends Sally and Johnny are not that resource – if God chooses to use them as so, He will tell you that!

The second clause of Psalms 139:2 tells us that God “understandest [our thoughts] afar off.” Again, for us new faith walkers, what does that mean? God doesn’t just know our thoughts- He understands our thoughts. If you’ve ever been misunderstood when trying to express yourself to get help, you know how disheartening that incorrect interpretation can feel. The good news is right there, God doesn’t just know all, He understands all. If you find yourself in a position of needing or wanting someone’s advice, pray about it first. Xx

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