A Woman with Brothers

I am the youngest, and the only female, out of my siblings. I have two older brothers. I grew up in a household with two older brothers. Because of this, I easily, and cautiously, befriend guys and call them my brothers. But I recently became a woman and decided to accept a lesson I learned a very long time ago.

I had to realize that I only will ever have two older brothers. Other men will never see me, a woman, as solely their little sister. And with this realization I decided that I was not going to take this lesson and love less. This just gives me the option of having zero new older brothers but little brothers – and I will call them little brother. And as a woman, if a man cannot handle being called little brother by me, then adios. In Hispanic culture, adios is only used when saying “I won’t see you again.” Hasta luego, among similar phrases, on the other hand is used as what most Americans mean when they say bye. I love that the Hispanic cultures understand that spoken words hold power.

And to my little brothers here with me on The Hadaya, hasta luego hermanitos! Translation in case you don’t know a lick of Spanish…which you should: see you later little brothers! Xx

Also, if you find my bros attractive, the one on the left is a Completed man, and the one on the right is wearing my cousin’s clothing line – it’s the month where others take the time to recognize black history, support his clothing line! Instagram: @_dreamclothing